The Renaissance Dam’s Success Depends Not on Egypt’s Obstructive Ideas

5dddca08The Renaissance Dam’s Success Depends Not on Egypt’s Obstructive Ideas Instead on the Commitment and Determination of the Ethiopian Public: Demeke Mekonnen Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen said that the success of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) depends on the commitment and engagement of the Ethiopian public than on Egypt’s hindering ideas.

Deputy Prime Minister and the GERD’s Public Participatory National Assembly Chairman Ato Demeke Mekonen has also said that the dam’s construction is progressing in keeping with its own schedule. “The project is testament to the country’s increased potential in building grand projects by its own means and the public mobilization the project has created around it has become an example for other nations”

A preparation for the celebration of the third year anniversary of the dam’s foundation stone laying ceremony is also undergoing. The deputy minister has also said that though GERD has the capability to save 4 billion meter cube water from evaporation and help curb the effect of silting for Egypt, the Egyptian politicians have chosen to object the dam’s construction.

“Egyptian politicians are trying to use GERD’s project to divert their internal political tension and they are continuing to tread in the unscientific path of going against the project. But Sudan’s support for the GERD project shows Sudan’s commitment in the regional cooperation” Demeke Said.

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