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Ethiopian Airlines makes emergency landing in Mumbai airport

An Ethiopian Airlines Kenton-Addis Ababa flight had to make two emergency landings at Mumbai’s International Terminal on Tuesday. On Tuesday eagerly morning, Ethiopian Airlines' flight ET 607...

Healthy baby boy born using sperm extracted from dead man

For the first time in Australia, a healthy baby boy was born using sperm that was extracted from a dead man, doctors said. Against all odds, the baby was born using sperm taken from his father who...

Ethiopia eyes more tourists from Oman this year

Addis Ababa/Muscat: This year, around 10,000 tourists from Oman are expected to visit Ethiopia, one of the most ancient countries in the world, which is becoming an increasingly popular destination...

Woman ‘fattened up’ by jealous boyfriend

A jealous boyfriend who 'fattened up' his partner in a ploy to put off any love rivals has popped the question. Attractive Yan Tai weighed just over seven stone when she began dating You Pan in...

Non-stop flight from China to Ethiopia forced to land TWICE at Mumbai airport

Non-stop flight from China to Ethiopia forced to land TWICE at Mumbai airport after running low on fuel... and then suffering 'engine trouble' Plane was flying from Guangzhou, China to Addis...

Malawi, Somalia to save terrified citizens

Malawi and Somalia are preparing to repatriate their countrymen after weeks of xenophobic violence in KwaZulu-Natal. Last night, the Somali embassy said it was trying to trace its citizens and help...
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Taxi driver attack Ethiopian in downtown Johannesburg

A taxi driver attacks an Ethiopian national in Delvers Street in Central Johannesburg as tensions around rumoured xenophobic attacks mount. Amid fears of xenophobic violence breaking out in the city...

Redwan told DireTube Ethiopia assessing situation for citizens in South Africa

As xenophobic attacks against foreigners, especially against African migrants, intensifies in South Africa; Ethiopia says it is conducting needs assessment to help its citizens and is already in...

BBC reporter tweets a cartoon to depict interview with PM Hailemariam

BBC reporter tweets a cartoon to depict interview with PM Hailemariam Compiled by Elias Meseret, DireTube Correspondent The BBC’s reporter to Ethiopia, Emmanuel Igunza, has tweeted a cartoon...

Bodies of Ethiopians killed to be sent home

Bodies of Ethiopians killed to be sent home as anti-migrant attacks spread in South African port city Tensions remained high on Tuesday, with local media reporting that about 2,000 armed migrants...

Ethiopians detained by human traffickers in Sudan freed

 Some 19 Ethiopian nationals who were being held by a human trafficking group in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, have beeb set free. The state-run Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) said...

Ethiopian dam deal ignores science, warn experts

[CAIRO] Water scientists from Egypt have raised concerns over a declaration governing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam that is meant to ensure fair access to Nile water for countries...

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