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Ethiopian Airlines is taking precaution measures on its flights from West Africa

In its recent press release on the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, Ethiopian Airlines, the continent’s leading carrier, has unveiled its precautionary measures concerning its flights from West...

Ethiopian Airlines soon to launch a new sustainable tourism policy

The presentation of a first complete draft of a new sustainable tourism policy for Ethiopia is now just weeks away and stakeholders are meeting in Addis Ababa since yesterday for a broad consultative...

EthioTelecom admits facing problems in integrating the new infrastructure with the old one

EthioTelecom is finalizing its 1.6 billion dollar Telecom expansion project EthioTelecom said that it is finalizing its 1.6 billion dollar telecom expansion project. From the nationwide telecom...

Witnesses hearing begin on the trial of the co-pilot Hailemedhein Abera

The witnesses hearing session has began on the trial of the co-pilot Hailemedhein Abera at the federal high court’s 20th criminal bench on July 29, 2014. The co-pilot who hijacked his aircraft...

‘Chambalala’ New Year Celebration got into UNESCO’s representative list

Sidama’s ‘Chambalala’ New Year celebration is to be registered by the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The festivity which is incorporated under...

11.5 million birr asked for sponsorship witout club recognition

Board of Ethiopian Coffee Football club has reported its current affairs on 31 August 2014.The board explained reasons of neglecting the supporter’s recognition. Members of the board including...

Update 1 – Ethiopia TV shows Samuel ZeMikael being handcuffed by police at Bole airport

Fake Dr. Engineer Samuel ZeMichael has arrived in Addis after his arrest in Kenya. ETV shows Samuel ZeMikael being handcuffed by police at Bole airport....

Four Ethiopian athlete missing found safe, American media pay unusually high interest on the missing Ethiopian athletes

It is surprising to see American media pay unusually high interest in the missing Ethiopian athletes. Most reporters imply that the athletes may file for Asylum even though they have six months valid...

5 Natural Acne Treatments That Avoid Pharmaceuticals That Only Mask The Problem.

Acne is just a four-letter word for many people — but it’s a source of embarrassment for some and pain for others. The skin condition is caused by three major factors: the overproduction of...

Court ordered Ermias Amelga’s access real estate shares to be sold for cattle sales fraud

The auction of shares in the exiled businessman’s troubled real estate company have been ordered, with no interest Ermias T. Amelga, a cattle rustler? It looks like it could be the case, as the...

Sierra Leone’s Top Ebola Doctor Dead After Contracting Virus

Sheikh Umar Khan fought on the front lines against Ebola and is credited with treating more than 100 victims Sierra Leone’s top Ebola doctor, Sheikh Umar Khan on Tuesday died from complications...

Available, But Non-Drivable

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – As the Ethiopian economy sprints forwards at a fast rate – with annual growth of 10.5pc over the past decade, according to World Bank records – the demand for...

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